Vizard AI: Mastering Social Media Content Creation

In the fast-paced world of social media, editing videos can be both time-consuming and technically challenging. Enter Vizard AI – a revolutionary tool designed to streamline your video editing workflow using artificial intelligence. 

Vizard AI can turn long videos into short, exciting clips for social media. It helps both seasoned and new creators. From automatic scene detection and caption generation to seamless resizing and multilingual support, Vizard AI redefines how you create and share video content online.

Discover how this innovative tool can elevate your digital presence effortlessly.

What is Vizard AI?

Vizard AI

If you’re tired of spending hours editing videos for social media content, Vizard AI can revolutionize your workflow. It uses AI to transform long videos into engaging snippets for social platforms.

Vizard AI analyzes your video using artificial intelligence. It transcribes the audio, making it easy to add captions. The AI also identifies the best moments, such as funny clips or key points, and creates shorter clips focusing on these highlights.

Vizard AI includes smart editing tools. It can crop out irrelevant backgrounds and adjust the aspect ratio for different social media platforms. You can even use its AI translation feature to reach a broader audience with multilingual clips.

How do you Edit your video using Vizard AI?

Editing your videos with Vizard AI is a breeze and can be done in just a few steps:

  1. Upload Your Video: You can either drag and drop your video file directly into the Vizard interface or paste a link from YouTube if your video is already hosted there. Vizard also offers integration with Zoom, allowing you to import recordings directly.
  2. AI-powered Editing: This is where Vizard’s AI shines. Simply click “Get AI Clips” and let the software analyze your video. Vizard will automatically generate bite-sized clips based on the identified highlights. You can use these AI-generated clips or move on to manual editing.
  3. Manual Editing: Vizard provides a user-friendly editing interface where you can take more control. Here, you can perform actions like:
    • Trimming: Shorten specific sections of your video by selecting unwanted parts and removing them.
    • Cropping: Adjust the frame size of your video to focus on specific areas or change the aspect ratio to fit different social media platforms (e.g., square for Instagram, vertical for TikTok).
    • Adding Text & Images: Enhance your video by incorporating titles, captions, or images to further illustrate your points.
  4. Export & Share: Once you’re happy with your edits, Vizard allows you to export the final video in your preferred resolution. You can then download it for further use or even share it directly to various social media platforms.

Additional Tools by Vizard AI

  1. Add image to video: Easily insert images into your videos for a professional touch.
  2. Add text to video: Add captions, titles, or any text to make your videos more informative.
  3. AI podcast clip generator: Quickly create engaging clips from your podcast episodes with AI.
  4. AI video editor: Let AI handle the heavy lifting of video editing for you.
  5. AI video generator: Generate amazing videos from scratch with the power of AI.
  6. Arabic subtitles: Add accurate Arabic subtitles to your videos effortlessly.
  7. Auto subtitle generator online: Automatically generate subtitles for your videos in minutes.
  8. Automatic video editor: Edit your videos automatically with smart AI technology.
  9. Chinese subtitles: Easily add Chinese subtitles to your videos for wider reach.
  10. Clip maker: Create short, captivating video clips quickly and easily.
  11. Crop video: Crop your videos to focus on the important parts with just a few clicks.
  12. Dictation software: Convert your speech to text accurately and efficiently.
  13. English subtitles: Add clear and precise English subtitles to your videos.
  14. Facebook video editor: This handy tool perfectly renders your videos for Facebook.
  15. Free online video editor: Access a powerful video editor for free, right in your browser.
  16. French subtitles: Make your videos accessible to French-speaking audiences with subtitles.
  17. German subtitles: Add German subtitles to your videos to reach more viewers.
  18. Hindi subtitles: Easily subtitle your videos in Hindi to expand your audience.
  19. Indonesian subtitles: Include Indonesian subtitles to make your videos more inclusive.
  20. Instagram Reel Maker: Create eye-catching Instagram Reels effortlessly.
  21. Instagram to TikTok: Convert your Instagram videos for TikTok in no time.
  22. Instagram to YouTube: Adapt your Instagram videos for YouTube quickly and easily.
  23. Instagram video editor: Edit your Instagram videos to perfection with this tool.
  24. Italian subtitles: Add Italian subtitles to your videos for a broader audience.
  25. Japanese subtitles: Make your videos accessible with Japanese subtitles.
  26. Korean subtitles: Easily add Korean subtitles to your videos.
  27. LinkedIn Video Maker: Create professional videos for LinkedIn with ease.
  28. Podcast editor: Edit your podcasts effortlessly for a polished final product.
  29. Podcast transcription: Transcribe your podcast episodes accurately and quickly.
  30. Portuguese subtitles: Add Portuguese subtitles to your videos for more reach.
  31. Repurpose video: Easily adapt your videos for different platforms and uses.
  32. Resize video: Resize your videos to fit any platform perfectly.
  33. Resize video for Facebook: Adjust your video dimensions for optimal Facebook viewing.
  34. Resize video for Instagram: Make your videos Instagram-ready with simple resizing.
  35. Resize video for TikTok: Ensure your videos look great on TikTok with perfect resizing.
  36. Resize video for YouTube Shorts: Resize your videos for the perfect YouTube Shorts format.
  37. Russian subtitles: Add Russian subtitles to your videos to engage more viewers.
  38. Screen recorder: Record your screen effortlessly for tutorials and more.
  39. Share video: Easily share your videos across multiple platforms.
  40. Spanish subtitles: Reach Spanish-speaking audiences with accurate subtitles.
  41. Subtitle editor: Edit and fine-tune your video subtitles with ease.
  42. TikTok to Instagram: Convert your TikTok videos for Instagram in a snap.
  43. TikTok to YouTube: Adapt your TikTok videos for YouTube quickly.
  44. TikTok video editor: Perfectly edit your TikTok videos for maximum impact.
  45. Transcription: Convert your audio and video files to text with high accuracy.
  46. Translate Arabic video to English: Easily translate Arabic videos into English.
  47. Translate Chinese video to English: Translate Chinese videos to English seamlessly.
  48. Translate English video to Mandarin: Convert English videos to Mandarin with ease.
  49. Translate Italian video to English: Effortlessly translate Italian videos into English.
  50. Translate Korean video to English: Translate Korean videos into English accurately.
  51. Translate Spanish video to English: Easily translate Spanish videos into English.
  52. Translate Turkish video to English: Convert Turkish videos to English smoothly.
  53. Turkish subtitles: Add Turkish subtitles to your videos for broader accessibility.
  54. Twitch editor: Edit your Twitch streams effortlessly for highlights and more.
  55. Twitch to TikTok: Convert your Twitch content for TikTok easily.
  56. Twitter video maker: Create engaging videos for Twitter with this easy tool.
  57. Video caption generator: Automatically generate captions for your videos.
  58. Video splitter: Split your videos into shorter segments quickly.
  59. Video to text: Convert your video content into text effortlessly.
  60. Video translator: Translate your videos into multiple languages with ease.
  61. Video trimmer: Trim your videos to remove unwanted parts easily.
  62. Vietnamese subtitles: Add Vietnamese subtitles to your videos for wider reach.
  63. YouTube clip maker: Create captivating clips from your YouTube videos.
  64. YouTube Shorts Maker: Make engaging YouTube Shorts quickly and easily.
  65. YouTube to Instagram: Adapt your YouTube videos for Instagram effortlessly.
  66. YouTube to TikTok: Convert your YouTube videos for TikTok with ease.
  67. YouTube video editor: Edit your YouTube videos like a pro with this tool.
  68. YouTube video to text: Convert YouTube videos into text quickly and accurately.

Pricing of Vizard AI

Pricing of Vizard AI
Free (Ideal for individuals who need quick access to basic features)Creator (Ideal for individual creators who need advanced features)Pro (Designed for marketers, agencies, and professional creators)
$0 per month$16 per month or $192 per year$32 per month or $384 per year
120 upload minutes per month1200 upload minutes per month6000 upload minutes per month
10 exports in 720p per monthNo watermarkUnlimited exports in 4k
Has watermarkUnlimited exports in 1080pNo watermark
Videos saved for 7 daysVideos saved during the subscriptionVideos saved during the subscription
Standard processing speedFaster processing than Free usersFaster processing than the Creator plan
API Access

Pros and Cons of Vizard AI

Vizard AI is a powerful tool for content creators, especially those new to video editing or seeking an efficient workflow. However, consider your needs for customization and offline functionality before choosing a plan.

Goods of Vizard AIBads of Vizard AI
Vizard AI is an easy tool to use, even for novices, thanks to its straightforward interface.The free plan has limitations, such as watermarks, lower-resolution exports, and shorter video storage.
AI-powered editing effectively saves time by automatically editing videos, creating captions, and creating social media clips.Some users report slow download and editing speeds even with the Pro plan.
A variety of editing options are available. For greater control, select between manual timeline editing and AI-powered editing.It requires an internet connection to function, which is a drawback for offline work.
Multi-platform optimization allows for one-click video resizing and reformatting for various social media sites.The free plan videos feature a Vizard logo watermark, which may not be a desirable feature for some users.
Trim videos using transcribed text for more effective editing
To reach a worldwide audience, translate captions into more than 100 languages.
A free plan is available for users to try out basic features before committing to a paid plan.

Vizard AI is beneficial for whom?

Vizard AI makes video editing faster and easier by focusing on online content. 

Here’s how it helps different professions:

Social Media Marketers: Vizard AI helps edit, resize, and create videos for Instagram Reels and TikTok. It enhances accessibility and engagement.

Content Marketers: Vizard AI offers features like automatic trimming, scene detection, and caption addition. It repurposes long-form content into short, social media-friendly clips.

Performance Marketers: Vizard AI creates multiple video variations for A/B testing. It analyzes audience performance and optimizes content to enhance marketing results.

Event Marketers: Vizard AI edits and repurposes event footage into trailers, highlights, and social media snippets. It enables captioning to reach a wider audience.

Podcasters: Vizard AI improves podcast production by cleaning up audio, adding background music, generating captions, and creating searchable transcripts.

Coaches & Consultants: Vizard AI helps edit and promote online courses through video lessons, captions, translations, and social media clips.

Agencies: Vizard AI manages multiple video projects, automates repetitive tasks, and offers a range of content creation options. It enables better client service within budget.

Alternatives of Vizard AI

Vizard AI excels in AI-powered social media clip creation, here’s a breakdown of alternatives, each with its strengths:



Ideal for simple social media clip creation. Opus focuses on automatically generating bite-sized content from long videos. However, it lacks advanced features like captions, translations, or in-depth editing tools.

Firecut AI

Firecut AI

Firecut AI is a strong alternative for video editing, particularly for beginners. It offers a user-friendly interface with tools for trimming, cutting, and adding music, and text overlays.  While it doesn’t have the same level of AI-powered features as Vizard AI, Firecut focuses on providing a simple and efficient editing experience.



Syllaby is a cloud-based video editing platform designed for collaboration. It allows multiple users to edit videos simultaneously, making it ideal for teams. While Syllaby doesn’t have the strong AI features of Vizard AI, its focus on collaboration can be a major benefit for teams working on video projects together.

Vidyo AI

Vidyo AI

Similar to Vizard AI, Vidyo offers AI-powered video editing for social media. It boasts features like scene detection, automatic captions, and social media previews. Consider Vidyo if you prioritize scene detection and detailed social media previews over Vizard’s focus on trendy captions and emojis.



If your video content focuses on screen recordings (e.g., tutorials, presentations), GetMunch offers a user-friendly platform specifically designed for this purpose. It goes beyond basic screen recording with features like annotations, live editing, and audience engagement tools.

Captions AI

Captions AI

If your primary need is adding captions to existing videos, consider dedicated transcription services like Captions. These services may offer more accurate and customizable captioning options compared to Vizard AI’s automated captions.



Similar to Captions, Submagic focuses on creating subtitles for videos. It can be a good choice if you need more control over subtitle formatting and styling than what Vizard AI provides.

Final Words

In conclusion, Vizard AI stands out as a game-changer for video editing, offering intuitive tools that cater to both novices and professionals alike. Whether you’re enhancing your social media presence or repurposing content for diverse audiences, Vizard AI’s AI-powered features simplify the process, saving time and boosting engagement. 

The tool offers flexible pricing plans and a user-friendly interface, making it an essential tool for those seeking to create engaging videos effortlessly. Embrace the future of video editing with Vizard AI and unlock your creativity today!

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